Who Is Concetta Pluchinotta Of Family Food Fight 2018?

Another year, another adventure!! The year 2018 cooking reality show ‘Family Food Fight’ kicked off for season 2. And the new season features judges Tom Parker-Bowles, Anny Polyviou, and Matt Moran.

Across Australia, eight food-loving families compete with each other for the title of ‘No.1 food family and of course, the prize money of $100,000.

Speaking of the contestants, Let’s have a quick look on the mother-daughter pair, Pina and Concetta Pluchinotta. So, who are they and where are they from? What interested them to participate in the ‘Family Food Fight’? How about the other contestants?

Check out the background information on Concetta Pluchinotta and her mother including their age, height, family, and a married life with a husband.

‘Family Food Fight’ 2018 contestant; Concetta Pluchinotta and Pina

The mother-daughter (Concetta Pluchinotta and Pina) pair is one of the eight contestants to compete in the cooking reality show ‘Family Food Fight.’ The pair hails from Victoria.

Pina, who is an Italian-born, had a passion to cook for the family at one time. However, the self-taught home cook lost herself when her husband, Bart, left the world suddenly 13 years ago.

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The mother Pina, age 69, told the TV Week,

“I haven’t cooked since my husband passed.” On the other hand, Pina’s daughter Concetta Pluchinotta dedicated herself to put her mother back into the kitchen.

As the consequences, Concetta Pluchinotta, age 46, signed up for ‘Family Food Fight’ without the consent of her mother. But when her mother heard of it, she got scared. Pina revealed,

“I thought, ‘How am I going to do this?’ But I eventually accepted it − and it’s a good thing.”

Pina is a mother of four children whereas, grandmother-of-eight. She said,

“I married an Italian who was into his traditional Sicilian food. It’s the traditional family flavor that everybody loves.”

Her daughter, Concetta worked in a school canteen. And now, she is on the show with her eyes on $100,000 prize money which would change her life. She disclosed,

“Mum’s been struggling since Dad’s passing. She could use the money to go visit her family overseas and it would make a really big difference.”

Other contestants of ‘Family Food Fight’

Excluding the mother-daughter pair, the other seven contestants of the cooking reality show include; Trish and Ocean (Mother and Daughter), Bec and Nicole (sisters), Ria and Saffa (sisters), Leon and Cory (Brothers In Law) are still competing on the show.

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Lena (46) and Carl (26) from Boumerhi (Mother and Son) but got eliminated 12 November 2018. Whereas, Ben and Heather from Evans family (Husband and Wife) left the show on Eliminated 4 November 2018. Yoshi (29) and Mahla (27) from Cameron-Bradley family (Brother and Sister) withdrew from the show on 31 October 2018.

How well Concetta Pluchinotta and Pina are performing on the show?

At the end of Tuesday, one of the judges Matt Moran singled out the mother-daughter pair of Pina and Concetta Pluchinotta for the offensive language which she used at a suburban family’s home during a cooking challenge.

The family-of-four watched uncomfortably from the dining table while Concetta was visibly frustrated and swore repeatedly in the task. The judge, Moran, said,

“Conchetta, we need to really address your behavior last night,”

“There were kids in that room, the way that you were talking to your mother and the swearing, it was really not acceptable.”

Moreover, at the end of the episode, Concetta calmed down and her mother Pina apologized on her behalf.

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