Vladislav Vodatinskij Biography And Career

Vladislav Vodatinskij Biography And Career

Profession: Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

Background: Certified Project Manager

Vladislav has started his business as business consultant and project manager with his own company in 2016. Before that he was an ordinary employee.Talking about his family his mother was an Musician and his father was an Enigeneer, his family was immigrated to Germany in 1994, when he was just 9 years old. He always wanted to achieve more in his life and he put all his energy to create his own business. He created his own consulting company and started to contact big European companies to get the first projects. In same year he invested his all money in his own café business to create the best coffee and business catering in Hannover.

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Now his café “60 Grad At Expo Plaza” has a significant status in Hannover/Germany and did get a famous meeting point for warm ups before big concerts in Hannover. At the same time the business consulting company and he is leading European projects on high management and political level and now at the age of 35 he is owner and founder of a “ENGINEC”  business consulting company located in Germany.

His company is doing operational project management and process management for European industrial companies.

He has done projects for Rolls Royce UK, Rolls Royce Marine and Rolls Royce Germany, Deutsche Bahn AG and also the German Government.

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He has awarded in year of 2015 and 2016 two times by Rolls Royce Germany with the Co2ST Tree Award, for significant cost reductions and excellent consulting . . .

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