Nepali-Australian Ambassador Lucky Sherpa Resigns Following Allegation On Human Trafficking

Lucky Sherpa, the current ambassador of Nepal for Australia has resigned, her former driver Wongchhu Sherpa made the allegations regarding “human trafficking”. Wangchhu had been accompanied the ambassador in Canberra.

Ms. Sherpa was recalled to Kathmandu by the Nepali government to provide an explanation for the allegation made by her driver in an interview with a TV program in Nepal.

Who Is Lucky Sherpa

Among her Sherpa community, she is first to reach the politburo level (MC) in the party politics of Nepal. Sherpa was a legislative member of International relations and human right committee. From 2008 to 2012 sherpa was a former elected member of the Constituent Assembly and Parliament of Nepal

Ambassador Lucky Sherpa Allegation!

She denies all the allegations made by the government of Nepal, she resigned herself on moral grounds without being pressurized by government.

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The allegation against Sherpa is being investigated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the allegation, a three-member committee was formed by MOFA

During PM Oli’s first term in 2015-16 Sherpa was appointed as ambassador . Maoist Centre chief Dahal proposed sherpa as ambassador to CPN-UML led by Oli.

On 9 June  2017, her driver Wonghhu flew to Australia with Ambassador Sherpa. Wonghhu said Sherpa had collected 3 million in return for several individuals in Nepal for a safe passage to Australia. Wonghhu further went on to said she had promised to collect another Rs 6 million from the couple before leaving his job.

Ambassador Sherpa had denied all the allegations made by her driver and was ready to face punishment if found guilty. The telephonic conversation that Wongchhu claimed to have as avidence has been under investigation

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The Nepali Embassy in Australia issued a press release stating , Wongchhu had been living illegally in Australia and was trying to influence the court by levelling false allegation. On 20 December  2017, The embassy stated that it is seeking action against Wongchhu.

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