Monica GabettaTosetti Founder of BB CLINIQUE Story

Monica GabettaTosetti

Medicine and well-being are now without frontiers.

Early February in the name of news and the achievement of new goals for MonicaGabettaTosetti’s BB CLINIQUE.

A phone call on Monday evening broke the borders between Italy and Switzerland, between Switzerland and Latvia and between public and private.

The bicycle accident of EgijaDinga, a Latvian girl on a working holiday in Italy, allowed all this.

Enija, Latvian manager, in the emergency room in Como for several hours, contacted Monica GabettaTosettiby telephone on Monday evening.

It was a request for help, the city hospital overcrowded by patients who went to the emergency room, would not have been able to rescue the stranger who fell from a bicycle and seriously injured by his own glasses before the next morning.

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Monica GabettaTosetti did not hesitate to go to the emergency room accompanied by her son Gabriele.

Speak to the medical staff, organize the necessary tests and transfer the patient to Switzerland, by the well-known Aesthetic Surgeon Eugenio Gandolfi.

Monica GabettaTosetti

Edija was rescued and operated, agreements have been made with the Plastic Surgery department of the Riga hospital, and the girl will be able to get married this summer with a beautiful smile and a beautiful face.

All this thanks to a beautiful collaboration, with the sole purpose of ensuring the patient’s well-being.

It may have been a coincidence that the Latvian Manager, in the process of marriage and anguished Dalka wounded in the face, contacted Dr. GabettaTosetti, who in addition to being the owner of BB CLINIQUE is also the owner of a WEDDING ATELIER in Como.

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That Dr. Gandolfi succeeded, despite having been advised at dawn, to free himself from the commitments and masterfully operate the young woman and that Edija fixes manager of a company and that she has developed an App related to health and well-being.

This randomness will remain a mystery.

It is not a mystery but it is certainty, what happened.

The possibility of being truly followed 360 beyond public and private, and from every geographical frontier.

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