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Marcelino and Brittany are the cast members of the TV reality show known as Love After Lockup in its 2nd season.

Marcelino is a college educated aspiring novelist who had been badly burned from his last relationship. Despite that, he is now again giving another shot to love. Marcelino met Brittany on which led them to an undeniable connection. He met and also feel deeply in love with Brittany who has spent a decade behind the bars.

Despite never spending a single day with each other on the outside, the couple planned to get married as soon as Brittany is released from the prison.

In the episode of last week of Love After Lockup, Brittany has admitted that she loves her ex-prison girlfriend. This week, the two of them met without making Marcelino know about that. Brittany isn’t allowed to see her ex-girlfriend because of the rules of the parole.

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However, she does not care and hangs out with her anyway. Brittany’s ex named Amanda cannot believe she is involved with a man. Brittany told to the camera that she is still very attracted to Amanda sexually and she also plans on to ask Marcelino if he has a problem with the two of them being sexually involved.

The show “Love After Lockup” follows 6 couples as they share their emotional journey of being united for the very first time after the years of supervised visits. In the last season, the 2 pairs were left in limbo as the hopes and dreams of them were put on hold because of date compilations.

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This season, the stories of them continue to unfold along with 4 other couples who embark on the journey from love behind the bars to marriage at the altar.

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