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Have you ever watched’ The Incredible Dr. Pol’ on the channel Nat Geo Wild? You may then must be familiar with Dutch American Veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol who devotes his life in serving infected and weak animals.

The article is based on Charles Pol, an adopted son of Dr. Pol. Charles Pol is the youngest and only son of Dr. Pol has many recent happenings related to his personal life to offer.

The following article will provide you with all the related details about Charles Pol ‘s biography, career and net worth in 2019.


Wiki Facts

Name: Charles Pol
Net Worth $ 1million
Occupation Producer and Actor
Birthdate 6th March 1979
 Age  39 years
Birth Place Central Michigan
Wife Beth Oakes

Short Description

The TV actor and producer, Charles Pol is renowned for his outstanding work as co-producer of “The Incredible Dr. Pol “on Nat Geo Wild. He has also appeared in Sheriff Legend Gus Skinner and Calling Dr. Pol respectively in 2013 and 2014.


Early Life And Bio Of Charles Pol

Born in Central Michigan Farm County, under the birth sign Pisces, Charles Pol was born on 6 March 1979. He’s got a sister Kathy Pol.

They both were adopted by Dr. Jan Pol with Daniel Pol being another brother of Charles. However, there are no reports regarding their biological parents.

They have a different sibling called Diane Jr. and she was adopted at the age of 18.

He received his degree at Miami University. He spent one summer at high school serving Shoney ‘s salad bar.

Charles Pol Sibling: Kathy Pol and Diane Jr

Dr, Pol and his wife Diane Pol has three adoptive children and Charles Pol is the youngest of them all. The elder sisters of Charles are Diane Jr. and Kathy Pol.

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Currently, Kathy lives in Bay City, Michigan. She has two children Adam and Rachel Buth and had been married to Greg butch for 20 years. Kathy is currently a single mother after her husband died from cancer in 2016.

From the age of eight his other sister, DianeJr, began living as a nanny with Dran Pol and his wife. She was formally adopted at the age of 18 after ten years being with the family. Dr. Pol helped her with the Vet service and later joined him in farm calls as she grew up alongside with her siblings.

Charles Pol’s Career

Since the initial phases, Charles began to help his dad at the age of five in farm calls as he helped him taking care of the animals.

He then moved to the city of Los Angeles to build a name of his own in the entertainment world. He began his career after completing an internship in well-known production companies such as Mirage Enterprises, Paramount Pictures, and Parkway production. Amid his time in this field, he had the chance to learn from many Hollywood legends, including Late Sydney Pollack and many more.

In 2011, he starred in’ The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ a reality show featuring the Pol family serving human acts in rural Weidman, Michigan which eventually became a sensational show among the TV audiences. He even played a role in the television movie Drunk & Disorderly at some point in 2012.


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Over the years, remarking his career Charles’ work is considerably great.

The show, Incredible Dr. Pol, helped him attain name and fame among the audiences in which he and his father starred along with other notable casts.

Net Worth

The Tv producer and actor Charles Pol has a lavish life from the endorsements deals and earnings From the show. He recently married to his longtime friend, Bethy Oakes on Jan 19 and is happily married and settled for now.

As of 2019, Charles Pol has a estimated networth of around $ 2 million.

By 2019, Charles Pol has a net worth of almost $ 2 million, while his father Dr. Jan has a net value of $ 1 million.

Charles Pol’s Married Life

Charles Pol is one of the most fortunate men when it comes to romantic relations. His childhood friend, Beth Oakes, is a TV personality and they have maintained their friendship till adulthood.

After a long time of friendship, a friendly relationship became romantic. In 2017, the pair began to date. In the 12th part, Charles and Bethy Oakes appeared together in “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

As of now, the star is recently married to his Childhood Friend, Bethy Oakes. The couple married like a couple of days ago on Jan 19. They have shared their wedding images publicly via social sites. Moreover, Charles parents are happy to see their son marrying and taking a big decision in his life.


Charles Pol is no different because everyone has a past. Similar was the case when in 2012 his sister Diane Jr. shared an image in social media of Charles Pol and his former girlfriend Kelly. Both were seen at a Halloween party sharing happy moments.

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Image of Charles Pol with his ex-girlfriend Kelly

Charles Pol has not publicly reacted to this as it was a thing in the past. Until now he has never shared information or relationship status with his ex-girlfriend. They weren’t publicly spotted on any other occasion. We can’t tell what happened, but we are sure they broke down.

As of now, he’s now recently married to his girlfriend and childhood friend, Beth Oakes.


Social Media Appearance

You may have the curiosity to find what is the TV producer doing lately? If you’re a fan of his contribution to Tv shows then why not join Charles Pol on social media?

Charles Pol is not active on Instagram also he does not have any accounts on Facebook.

However, you can find Charles Pol as @ChuckPol on Twitter.


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