Australian Love Story: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Last year, too many divorces occurred in the world of show business. Even the strongest marriages seemed to crack. However, despite the collapse of some unions, there are still many celebrity couples with sincere feelings and respect for each other. One of them is Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, who have been together for more than 20 years.

For the first time 

Hugh Jackman met Deborra-Lee on the set. Back then, the 26-year-old actor had a role in the Australian TV series Corelli. He played a prisoner who began a romantic affair with a psychologist who was seeing him. The role of a psychologist was performed by 39-year-old Deborra-Lee. 

Feelings went beyond the movie screen. Hugh fell in love with a colleague on the set but was in no hurry to fall after her. He thought over how to impress an experienced and then successful actress. 

“I was so embarrassed that I hadn’t even spoken to her during the first week, and then invited her and twenty of our colleagues to dinner. I drank for courage and confessed love to Deborra,” Jackman said in an interview. 

Of course, Deborra immediately liked the young actor. She, however, did not approach herself, believing that she should not meet a man much younger than herself again. As earlier she already had the experience of such a relationship, and it ended very sadly. 

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Charmed and ringed 

Despite his youth, Jackman showed perseverance. Gifts, calls, long dates – in the end, Deborra threw away memories of the past and began dating a novice actor. A few months later, Hugh proposed to his girlfriend, and they got married. 

“I decided for myself that I would not marry her in less than six months. Four months later, I realized that it was a rather ridiculous principle that wasn’t worth keeping it up,” Hugh Jackman told reporters. 

The wedding of the couple took place in 1996. However, the couple did not have time to equip the family nest or think about things before getting married.

hugh jackman and deborra-lee furness wedding
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness Wedding |Photo Credit:

Hugh Jackman was invited to London to participate in the musical Oklahoma. At the same time, Deborra entered the Victorian College of Art to study directing. This was her long dream, but the actress refused to study to go with her husband to London because she believed in his talent. 

Not so quiet family happiness 

In London, Hugh’s career skyrocketed. Participation in several films, and now the actor is already called to Hollywood to play in X-Men. Jackman became a real star thanks to the role of Wolverine. 

Deborra’s career was not so successful: she still starred in films and directed but always remained in the shadow of her husband. Nevertheless, colleagues envied the woman because she was married to the most attractive actor in Hollywood. 

“People think that I won the lucky ticket by marrying Hugh Jackman. We are all creators of our destiny. If you want something, make sure you have good intentions and just implement it,” Deborra explained to reporters. 

Hugh Jackman himself didn’t get as much pleasure as communication with his wife: he dreamed of a big family and wanted his spouse to give him a child. In the 2000s, Deborra had a miscarriage. A year later, it repeated. The woman was desperate, but Hugh reassured her and offered to adopt a kid. So Oscar and Ava appeared in their family. This is where the real family happiness began. 

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The paparazzi and the journalists at that time went berserk and tried to find some kind of flaw in the marriage of the actors: Jackman was said to have married Deborra because he had spent all his childhood without a mother, and in his adult wife, he found a parent image. 

There was another myth – the media wrote that Hugh is gay and hides behind the status of a good family man. But all this information made a couple laugh. 

Together despite the rumors 

In April 2017, journalists announced that Hollywood’s strongest couple is breaking up. As proof, they cited the fact that Deborra had not lived under the same roof with her husband for several months and had moved away from him. 

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The reason for the gap is the midlife crisis of Hugh Jackman. He spent less and less time at home and more and more often in the company of girls much younger than himself. “They no longer have anything in common,” they wrote in the media about the couple. 

However, the actor was quick to refute these rumors and said that the news about his divorce was completely fabricated. 

“My marriage has been getting better and better over the years. Meeting Deborra is the best thing that happened in my life. I am incredibly grateful to the fate for what happened,” said Hugh Jackman on an American television show, and then he confessed his love to his wife: “You are the love of my life! The years we spent together were simply amazing!” 

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