Have a Look at SNL Cast Cheri Oteri’s Dating Life

Cheri Oteri looks dashing with her green eyes and brown hair.
Born Name Cheryl Ann Oteri
Birth Place Upper Darby, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Eye Color Green
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Profession Actor
Net Worth $2 million
Age 57 years old
Sibling Tommi Jr. Oteri, Denise OTeri, and Brian Oteri
Parents Gaetano Thomas Oteri and Patricia Breen Pteri

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We all know her for her appearance as the sexy TV reporter in the comedy movie, Scary Movie. She is none other than Cheri Oteri.

Oteri is known mostly for her comedic roles in most of her movies. Her most creative roles were in Saturday Night Live where she stayed for almost over five long years. That’s about it about her professional career, now let’s look upon her dating affairs, shall we?

Is Cheri Oteri Dating?

A question every one of Cheri Oteri’s fans has been asking ever since she appeared as one of the casts of Saturday Night Live. So, is she dating?

On February 14, 2018, Cheryl took to her Twitter to tweet something about love. She wrote, “Extra Love Today, what do ya say?”


Does this mean, she’s dating someone? Or, is this just wishing her fans a happy Valentine’s Day?

Cheri OteriGrandma’s Rooting for Her Relationship

Since grandma is rooting for her relationship, it doesn’t seem like she is dating anyone, right? In one of the interviews for a news magazine, Cheri revealed that she told her grandma about going to the spa with a girlfriend.

My grandma asked, ‘Is she your companion? I’d like to meet your companion.

This shocked Cheri, but she took that lightly and said that she was not gay. For that, her grandmother replied,

Oh, baby, I pray for you to find a nice man.

Oteri further states that she’s the kind of person who needs to know about the person very well before deciding what she wants, and either going out with them.

I want to know I want to have coffee with them before I have coffee with them. I’m picky.

The lady further jokes that she knows how to be alone. Well, this might just be the truth behind her relationship status. Single!

Socials Talk a Different Story

Though there are talks about Cheri’s single relationships, her socials refer to a different story. On her Facebook post, on September 6, 2019, she’s standing in front of a man whom she’s referring to as her boyfriend.

Well, this is a very old photo of hers. So the guy in this picture might be her prom date while in college.

Did you know, once Andy Cohen and Cheri Oteri joked about going to the prom! Here’s the photo!

Well, until she reveals her relationship status, let’s just stay optimistic about her love life!

All About Cheri Oteri’s Childhood

Cheri Oteri was born as Cheryl Ann Oteri on September 19, 1962, at Upper Darby, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She was born to parents, father Gaetano Thomas Oteri and mother, Patricia Breen Pteri.

Cheri grew up in Darby, the same as fellow SNL star, Tina Fey, and had the support of her siblings while growing up. Her siblings were Tommi Jr. Oteri, Denise Oteri, and Brian Oteri.

Regarding her nationality, she is an American while she belongs to Italian descent. For her education, she graduated from the Archibishop Prendergast High School.

Father Murdered!

The comedian’s father was the owner of Of Music, a music publishing company. On April 27, 2008, Sunday, he was found dead at his home in South Nashville.

The singer Richard Fagan, also his friend and roommate, allegedly killed Gaetano the day before on Saturday night. He cut Oteri’s wrist with a pocket knife and fled from the scene.

Well, you found about the comedian’s love life, right? Now, if you wanna know about her net worth, here’s the link to Cheri Oteri’s net worth.

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