Charlie Jagow: The Last Alaskan, Age, Net Worth & Bio

When it comes to talking about the youngest cast on Discovery’s reality series “The Last Alaskan” which first season aired on Animal Planet, the name Charlie Jagow will be among the list.

20-years-old, Charlie Jagow is literally the last Alaskan on “The Last Alaskan” who alone built his own cabin and hunting outside. This article will uncover Jagow’s total assets, his girlfriend, age and if the star is alive or dead as this has been another ongoing talk about the person.

Charlie Jagow, The Last Alaskan
Charlie Jagow, The Last Alaskan

Who is Charlie Jagow?

The reality star, Charlie Jagow is born to American parents, Paul and Dawn Jagow in Fairbanks, Alaska. Charlie grew up along with his sister, Jonna who is a nursing graduate. Her sister is a certified pediatrician and works at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital but has a great passion for dogs.

Joann’s love for dogs began while she was a child. Concerning Charlie Jagow’s nationality, the star is an American and belongs to white ethnicity. As per his bio, Charlie developed his interest in wildlife when he was raised in the rustic cabin which was made by his parents.

During his teenage, he worked as an assistant guide and earned himself the Outfitters license in 2012. Then he bought his Federal Exclusive concessions from longtime employer and mentor, Sandy Jamieson.

There is no information regarding his education, however, he must have attended secondary school and college like his sister Joanna.

Charlie Jagow at the reality show “The Last Alaskans”

Charlie is one of the casts of Discovery’s reality series “The Last Alaskan” from which he gained massive viewers’ attention and fortune. The first season was telecasted on the Animal Planet in May 2015. The fourth season was premiered on Discovery Channel on 25 November 2018.

The Last Alaskans on Discovery Channel
The Last Alaskans on Discovery Channel

The series is about the lifestyle of Alaskans’ people who have to struggle for their food, shelter, protection and many more. In that area, only homes are allowed to live at the property. The show’s casts are Heimo Korth, Edna Korth, Charlie Jagow, Tyler Selden, Krin Nelson, Scott Nelson, Bob Harte, and Selden.

Charlie is the youngest one and has to do everything achieve the best trapping success. Last season, Jagow built his own cabin by himself, cutting the trees and assembling logs with a mathematician’s obsessive precision and patience. He has been very open about his struggles during the cold temperatures.

On the show, Charlie said,

“Sometimes out here you can feel like you’re the only one who’s ever experienced going up this drainage, or up this creek, or trapping up this one valley. But the men that used this cabin are my predecessors, my dad’s predecessors. It’s a lot different day and age now, but in a lot of ways, out here, time is a lot slower. It’s a special thing to see that connection.”

Besides hunting, Charlie files his own plane but with this freedom, it comes to great risk. Due to the flow of the river constantly changes to his ‘landing strips.’ During the winter, the flight windows narrow and weather can turn deadly without warning.

However, he is more focused on how to make meat for the winter. Will Charlie be able to do it? For that, you have to watch “The Last Alaskan” on the Discovery.

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Is Charlie Jagow dead or alive?

Well, rumored to be around that the reality star was no more. However, Charlie is still alive and healthy. So you all have to stop feeling sad and see him on Discovery doing his job with more passion.

What is Charlie Jagow’s net worth?

The young cast makes most of his money from the TV series. Besides, he has no other sources of income which added to his net worth. According to sources,

Charlie Jagow’s estimated net worth to be approximately $100,000.

Charlie Jagow Relationship Status: Single, Dating or Married?

As of now, there is no information relating to Charlie’s relationship. Maybe he is searching for his perfect match who support him every step in his life.

Hopefully, soon we can hear the good news. But we do not know if he is dating some of single? What do you think of this young guy?

Fast Facts

Name Charlie Jagow
Age 20
Parents Paul and Dawn Jagow
Birthplace Fairbanks, Alaska
Alive/Dead Alive
Profession Tv reality star
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Unknown
Height Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Net worth $100,000

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