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Updated On 11/12/2018

Robert Colangelo Wiki, Age, Birthday, Partner, Nationality, Ethnicity

Name Robert Colangelo
Age 29 Years
Birthday N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Married No
Wife/Girlfriend Carly Bowyer (Ex)
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Under Review


Robert Colangelo is quickly becoming the favorite of Bachelorette Ali Oetjen in the ongoing reality dating show.

However, Thursday’s episode of Bachelorette Australia saw an unexpected showdown between Ali’s family and Robert. Bachelorette Ali’s best friend Jess and sister-cousin Bianca don’t seem to approve Rob Colangelo.

Though Ali’s family don’t see Robert Colangelo bachelorette fitting into their family, Oetjen still seems to be head over heels on Robert Colangelo. The 32-year-old bachelorette was visibly concerned over the comment.

Yet this isn’t the first time Robert Colangelo Bachelorette made waves in the media. Fans of the show have been questioning his sexuality.

Despite all the rumors, in one of the episodes, Ali Oetjen wore her heart on sleeves and opened how she feels about Rob Colangelo Bachelorette. On the camera she said,

“When I’m looking into Robert’s eyes, all I can think about is one thing… let’s get it on.”

Will Robert Colangelo be able to win the heart of blonde Bachelorette? What does Ali Oetjen think about her best friend and sister objection?

Get updated about Robert Colangelo Bachelorette wiki, bio, age, and height. Also, get acquainted with his ex-girlfriend, and married rumors. Not to forget we will also reveal Bachelorette Robert Colangelo net worth updates.

Robert Colangelo Bachelorette Girlfriend?

It isn’t the first time this front-runner Bachelorette has fallen in love with a reality TV star. In fact, a few years back, Robert was publicly in a relationship with Carly Bowyer.

Robert Colangelo Bachelorette’s ex-girlfriend Carly Bowyer is best known for her appearance on the fifth season of Married at First Sight. Bowyer was previously married to Millionaire Justin Fischer. After divorcing Fischer, she moved to Troy Delmege.

Before these relationships, Robert and his ex-girlfriend were in a passionate love life. Rob conceded that even after their painful breakup, the two are still good friends.

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ICYMI Ali’s dreamboat Robert was once the arm candy of another one of our favourite reality babes #MAFS star Carly 🙊🙊 #thebachelorette #thebacheloretteau

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Three years have passed since their split, yet Robert Colangelo Bachelorette speaks highly of his ex-girlfriend.

“She was my most serious relationship to date – we lived together, we were together for the longest I’ve dated someone”

Rob is venturing to find a similar love with Ali Oetjen. The Bachelorette’s front-runner seems to have a serious determination regarding the potential relationship. Right now he isn’t married nor he has any girlfriend.

Bachelorette Robert Colangelo wiki, bio, age, and height:

Rob Colangelo Bachelorette was born in the year 1989. At present, his age is 29 years. According to the record from the show, professionally, this reality TV star is a plumber.

Though Bachelorette Rob Colangelo nationality is Australian, he is of Italian descent. The 29-year-old stands tall at a considerable height and rocks a fit body.

Yet, Ali Oetjen’s best friend and sister aren’t the only ones who found flaws in this Bachelor.  Rob Colangelo Bachelorette is remarkably popular for gay rumors. Fans are alleging this young lad is homosexual. Addressing the tea, Robert Colangelo Bachelorette said,

‘If anything, I take it as a compliment’

Bachelorette Robert Colangelo net worth

While on the subject of his net worth and income, the reality TV star earns a decent paycheck. Considering his high-profile relationship, Robert Colangelo Bachelorette has a sizable net worth.

Though his income streams are limited, Rob seems to have an enviable lifestyle. Robert Colangelo Bachelorette net worth is currently under review.

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